How to Transfer Mobile Passes

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GoFan offers the ability for a fan to permanently transfer a mobile pass to another fan's GoFan account.

A mobile pass may only be transferred one time. Once accepted, there is no ability to cancel or revert the transfer.

A transferred pass will be accessible via the 'My Tickets' section for both the original purchaser and the transferee, but can only be used/redeemed by the transferee (the original purchaser will see the pass simply as proof of purchase).  


Transfer a Mobile Pass

After you purchase at least 1 mobile pass, you will see the Transfer option when viewing the pass in the top right. ​​​​​​​

You may only select one mobile pass to transfer at a time if you have multiple.


You will be required to enter a properly formatted email address to send the transfer request.

After the pass transfer is initiated, you can see the transferred pass(es) on the Transferred tab within My Tickets for the mobile pass event.


Cancelling a Transfer

After mobile pass transfer request has been initiated, but before it has been accepted, the original purchaser (transferor) and/or the transferee can cancel the transfer.

  • The transferor can cancel the Mobile Pass Transfer from the Transferred tab of the My Tickets section, using the Cancel button.
  • The transferee can cancel the Mobile Pass Transfer from the transfer URL, by using the 'Decline' button.
  • The transferor can confirm that a mobile pass transfer request has been accepted by viewing the mobile pass
    • When transferred, the status on the pass will show as Pending transfer and will be highlighted yellow 
    • Once accepted, the status on the pass will show as Transferred and will be highlighted green

The transferee will receive an email with a link to accept or decline the transfer. If they do not already have a GoFan account, one will have to be created to access the transfer


Accepting a Mobile Pass Transfer

Please note that the mobile pass transfer will be added to the signed in account, regardless of the email address entered during the transfer process.

If the mobile pass as fields, these must be populated before the transfer can complete.

The above image is a mobile pass acceptance page prior to the transferee filling out the fields.


The above image is a mobile pass acceptance page after the form fields have been populated.


Accessing a Mobile Pass

Once a mobile pass has been accepted by the transferee, the pass can be accessed via the My Tickets section of the GoFan site or app. The original purchaser (transferor) can view the transferred pass but cannot use the pass once it has been accepted by the transferee.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Once accepted, the transferee can view the pass under My Tickets


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