How to Buy Tickets for Events

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You can buy tickets for an event by using our iPhone App, Android app, or by visiting our website at on a computer or mobile browser.

To find events, please visit For questions or more details, see our guide How to Find Tickets for Events

Note: You must use a mobile device with an internet connection in order to redeem your ticket at an event, whether you purchased it on or on the GoFan App.

How to Buy Tickets

From the main page of the mobile app or, you can search for events by the school name, mascot, or city. Depending on the event level (playoffs, championships), you may need to search for the managing Association pages.

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Once you select a school, you can view all events from the school's GoFan page. To purchase tickets, select Buy tickets or Buy season.

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Next, choose the ticket type and quantity. Some ticket types may require you to enter additional information, such as a student ID number. Click Add to cart to continue.

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From your cart, you can continue to add other event tickets or click Checkout.

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You may be required to enter additional information to purchase your tickets, as determined by the managing school.

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Clicking on Add Information will open a pop-up. Click Save when all required fields are entered.

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If you aren't already logged into your GoFan account, you'll be required to enter your email address to check out as a guest.

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You may be prompted to sign in or sign up for an account.

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Using Promo Codes

If you have a promo code, it can be entered during checkout, before processing your payment. In your cart, click Add promo code above Total.

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Enter your code in the box and click Add. 

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If the promo code is invalid, you will receive an alert. Be sure to confirm the spelling of the code and make sure there are no extra characters or spaces. If the promo code provided to you does not work, please contact the school.

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Using Access Codes

A School or Association may require an access code in order to register for an event or a certain ticket. 

If event registration is restricted, you'll be prompted to enter the access code given to you by the School on the event page.

gofan event access code.png

If a specific ticket for an event is restricted, you will see it listed as Locked. Input the access code and click Apply.

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After applying the correct code, registration will unlock and you'll be able to select a ticket.

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Reserved Seating

Some events may offer reserved seating, which can be assigned through a private registration link from the School or Association, or can be selected from a seat map during checkout. 

On the event page, you will see Select seats associated with a ticket type when reserved seating is available. 

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The seat map will be specific to each event. Once you've picked your seat, you can chose Click to select.

gofan seat selection.png

Your seats will be held for 15 minutes. You can chose additional seats or continue with checkout by clicking Get X seats.

gofan get seat.png

While your seats are held, you can decide to Change seats or Add to cart.

gofan change seats add to cart.png

GoFan is unable to change or update seat reservations. If you wish to change seats, please contact the School.

Your reserved seating selection will appear on your ticket.

Donating to a Fundraiser

GoFan allows you to contribute to fundraisers. These may be event-based, for which you will obtain a ticket, or simply donation-based, for which you'll receive a receipt.

gofan fundraiser page

When you donate to an event-based fundraiser, you are purchasing a ticket for a fundraising event. You will receive an email with your tickets and a donation summary. 

You will need to show your donation ticket in order to enter the event. You can access your donation ticket in your Tickets page in your GoFan account, as described in How to Use Tickets for Events.

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Note: Any donation receipt for tax purposes must be provided by the appropriate financial School. You can check your donation confirmation email for more details.

Issues Buying Tickets

Ticket availability

GoFan does not organize, set policies for, or determine pricing of the ticketed events, season passes, or season tickets.

If tickets are sold out or require an access code to purchase, you will need to reach out to the school for further assistance.

I purchased tickets for the wrong event

If the event has not occurred yet, please engage with our chat service for a refund. Make sure to include your order number, and purchase the correct event, as we cannot transfer your tickets.

Please note: If you contact us after the incorrectly purchased event is over, we may not be able to process a refund.

My credit card was declined

GoFan accepts all major credit cards. Please ensure that the zip code entered matches the billing address of the card being used and that the 3-digit CVV/CVC number from the back of the card is entered correctly. Otherwise, you will have to try a different card. 

If you entered an incorrect CVV/CVC, GoFan's system will block the charge. As this is blocked on our side, but approved by your bank, there will be a pending charge on your account for a day or two, which will eventually be removed without payment.

If your card continues to be declined, please reach out to your financial institution for assistance.

I purchased with Apple Pay or Google Pay and can't find my tickets

Order confirmation and tickets for guest checkouts using Apple Pay or Google Pay will be sent to the email address configured with your Apple Pay or Google Pay account.

Once a purchase is made, the tickets cannot be updated to a new email address. If you used the wrong email and need access to those tickets, you can find the "View Tickets" link from that email address or create a GoFan account using that email.

If you do not have access to your Apple Pay or Google Pay email address, please contact our Customer Service team to assist you with obtaining your Order Confirmation and Tickets.

See how to update or view your email address for Apple Pay or Google Pay if needed.

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