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You're in the Help Center for GoFan, where you can find answers about managing your event tickets or account. If you're looking to purchase tickets to school athletic games, performances, dances, or camps, you'll want to head to

Finding Tickets on GoFan

On, you can find your event by searching for a city, mascot, or the school.

Depending on the event level (playoffs, championships), you may need to search on the State or Association pages listed below. homepage, showing search bar for events

I Can't Find Tickets

There are several scenarios that may prevent you from finding the tickets or events you're looking for.

Event is private, sold out, or not on sale yet

If you can't find an event on your school's GoFan page, it's possible that the event is already sold out, tickets are not available for sale yet, or the event is private and the school is managing their sales through private ticket links. 

In this case, we recommend reaching out to the school itself to inquire about the event. 


Filters that apply to currently scheduled events are listed on a school's GoFan page. Be sure to select or deselect the appropriate filters for your event.

gofan's events page, with some filters selected and others deselected, and a message that reads 'no events found' underneath

These can be toggled on and off by clicking on the filter. A filter is selected when highlighted in black and deselected when highlighted in gray. 

If a certain filter is not listed, there are no events scheduled for that sport or event type at this time.

Association-Managed Events

Some events may be managed by an Association and will not appear on You will need to locate the Association's page to see any of their available events.

You can find the page for the relevant state Association in the list below.

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